Design Services

The operational environment demanded by defense sector even for embedded systems are very stringent and has no relaxation compared to other electronic/non-electronic systems. Military equipments are required to be more robust and user friendly than their counterparts in consumer and industry automation industry.

Defense requirements normally call for a total solution including electronics, mechanical casings/housings meeting stringent environmental stress conditions. A design house possessing all these expertise under one roof will only be able to effectively cater to them. The most challenging area of catering to Defense requirements is the complexity of the Electronic and meeting stringent standards of these systems. The fast pace of technological innovation combined with customer demands for the latest technologies within shorter development times and focused budgets create major challenges for system designers and integrators. With an extensive library of leading intellectual property, development and test infrastructure, and an experienced engineering team, Dexcel offers unmatched design and development expertise for tailored requirements. By combining its market leading experience and expertise with its strong embedded industry partnerships, Dexcel makes it easier to design and develop efficient, high performance, state-of-the-art rugged electronics.

Dexcel is largely benefited by undertaking and executing many projects in diverse application areas in the defense segment. Dexcel is focusing primarily on digital, compute intensive, programmable logics, data acquisition based control and networking products for defense industry.

Dexcel offers to take projects over the finish line in less time and under budget:

Proven, detailed design processes, including critical design reviews, developed and enhanced through decades of experience
In-depth and thorough mechanical engineering, ruggedization design and testing program of any COTS vendor
Extensive Networking and Embedded development experience
Comprehensive board support package (BSP) development and porting
Optimal software driver integration
Safety/Security certification
Effective long term product re-engineering and cost reduction strategies
Other Benefits

Some of Dexcel projects examples in this area are:

  • Draw on our experience and insights into how to build rugged boards.
  • Save approximately months of development time by leveraging our experienced developers who have the insights and knowledge to help to complete project sooner.
  • Capitalize on our extensive inventory of hardware and software IP building blocks developed during decades of defense projects.
  • Benefit from our quality project management and delivery processes, which have been field proven with several of customers.
War Ship Weapons Interlock and Surveillance
On-board Missile Target Image Capture, Compression & Transmission
Image Compression with DWT & DCT Algorithms
Doppler Weather Radar Transmitter Control Electronics
Time Delayed Programmable Pulse Trains/Trigger Distribution Systems
IP Encryptor for IP Traffic (10/100/1000)
Patterns and Image creation Test benches
Under Water Video Capture, streaming, recording and playback