Defense Electronics and Equipment are required to be more robust in design with highly rugged quality. With our vast experience, it makes Dexcel easier to design and develop efficient, high performance, state-of-the-art rugged electronics. Our Focus is in Analog and Digital based, Compute Intensive, Programmable Logic, Data Acquisition based solutions for Defense Industry.

We have extensive experience in supporting defense requirements with a total solution including Electronics, Mechanical Casings/Housings meeting highly stringent environmental stress conditions.


Dexcel offers to take projects over the finish line in less time and under budget:

Proven, detailed design processes, including critical design reviews, developed and enhanced through decades of experience

In-depth and through mechanical engineering, ruggedization design and testing program of any COTS vendor

Extensive Board Design and FPGA RTL experience

Comprehensive board support package (BSP) development and porting

VME, VPX, PCIe, ATE, Testing Jigs, Backplane, Custom Board Designs

RADAR, UAV, Airbone Systems, Avionics and NAVAL, Critical Early Warning Systems

Product Re-engineering and Cost Reduction Strategies

Volume Production, Certification and Customer Support

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Project/Product Examples

Interlock and Safety Systems
On-board Missile Target Image Capture, Compression & Transmission
Image Compression with DWT & DCT Algorithms
Doppler Weather Radar Transmitter Control Electronics
Time Delayed Programmable Pulse Trains/Trigger Distribution Systems
IP Encryptor for IP Traffic (10/100/1000)
Audio Video Switch-Airborne System
Under Water Video Capture, streaming, recording and playback