With the expertise in the FPGA based digital designs, image compression algorithms implementation, GUI interface requirements, interfacing to standard equipments in the image capturing network, developing application software for interface equipments like camera, PTZ and video recording units, Dexcel can provide a total turnkey solution by integrating in house design and delivery experience and acting as System Integrator (SI) for the entire solution. 

The imaging technology solutions developed by Dexcel are primarily for surveillance, target image capturing, images for scientific data analysis and archival purposes. It gives us an edge over to cater to any similar requirements across the industry segments. Our engineering team specialized in this segment, supplemented by other in-house groups for support function enables us to achieve the best results required by our customers

To facilitate a total solution to our customers, we provide hardware and software interfaces to various types of camera connectivity; interfaces like Camera Link, Serial etc, enabling customer to use their preferred camera. The data output can be transmitted over any kind of physical links like serial, parallel, HDLC, LAN or PCM formats.


Projects/Products Examples

Video Camera Design

Image Compresssion

Multi Channel Video

Audio Video Switch

Underwater Video Surveillance

Headup displays

Night Vision Imaging

Video Analytics/Processing