Industrial Automation is largely in demand in segments like Electric Power, Refinery, Metals Mining, Oil& Gas, Infrastructure, Food Processing, Packaging, Cement, Bio Tech, and Chemical/Petrochemical. Requirements are generally focused on eliminating Human Errors, utilize maximum efficiency/productivity from Control Systems, increase in Quality Standards of Targeted Products and Time To Market.

Embedded technology plays a significant role in our specialized solutions targeted for industrial automation including Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Process control, I/O Control, Communications , Networking and HMI Software. Dexcel adds value as complete solution provider by designing specific Applications with customized electronic systems catered for our various customers hence creating future proof cost effective solutions.

Dexcel specializes in Test Validation Automation where automated test suites are designed to cater to validations required for post manufacturing process.

Our expertise in building Automated Validation frameworks is another vertical from Automation Team. Any product in its initial stages requires a lot of testing due to its on-going enhancements and changes, generally this process consumes a lot of time. A repository of automated tests is created and made available as a plugin to a framework. Tests can be started and monitored at the engineer’s convenience or remotely. These results in a highly customizable and reusable Automation framework designed to cater to validations as required for post manufacturing process and saves lot of testing time.

Our design targets solutions demanding requirements as:

Smart I/O
Software Configurable

Intelligence applied in Process Control and Monitoring

Combined Process and Electrical
System Integration of various kind of Equipment/Devices

Support for multiple Interfaces + Remote control

Multiple Applications running on same/clustered Virtual servers
Mobility – Tablet/Smart phone
Configuration, Monitoring and Process Control

User Friendly HMI

Cloud computing
Remote Data Management – Public/Private Servers

Project examples

Data Centre Patch Cord Monitoring and Alarm Systems
Intelligent Power Distribution Units
Customized Single Board Computer (SBCs) with ARM Processor
PCI to Local Bus Interface IP for FPGAs
Digital & Analog Data Acquisition SCADA RTUs close content main element