Design Services


We are a multi-disciplinary engineering team specializing in Design Services for complex high-speed Mixed Signal Designs & Large Electronic Systems targeted to Defense & Aerospace, Networking, Industrial, Telecom, Semiconductor segments.
Our experienced engineers possess extensive knowledge of Hardware, Software, Low-Level Diagnostic & Performance domain giving us an edge over peers in industry. The segment extends in areas like Real-Time Embedded world, Data Acquisition, Control Systems, State-Driven Applications, Device Drivers, Diagnostic Functions, & Custom Operating System Kernels & Firmware.

Hardware Designs

High Speed Board Designs, Schematics, CAD, FPGA, RTL Development, IP Core, RTL Verification

Embedded Software

BSP Development, Bootloader, OS Porting, Driver Development, Firmware, RTOS

UI/UX Applications

GUI Interface Development, Web Applications, Android/IOS Applications, Automation

Industrial Designs

Mechanical ID, Ruggedization, Mould Designs

Our Key Strengths

Intel FPGA - Altera, Xilinx, Microsemi, ARM, Microprocessor,Microcontroller, Soft Processors

Linux, Windows, uBOOT, uCLinux, Openwrt, Xenomai, RTOS, Android Kernel, VxWorks, iOS

.Net , Java, Labview, QT, GTK, HTML, Web Application, Perl, Python, Cloud Technologies

CAD, 3D Prototyping, Plastic/Silicone/Sheet Metal/Rugged Systems Enclosures