Current scenario in data acquisition technology is way ahead from the conventional collection of field data and passing over to controllers/actuators. We are focusing on high speed data acquisition, manipulation and storage.

Dexcel has designed many products and systems in the data acquisition technology realm. It includes high speed data collection in ASIC characterization platform, where the performance and characterization data form the DUT (Device Under Test) are very dense and of high speed. No data loss will be tolerated by the system. For such requirements Dexcel has solutions built around the entire DUT board with on board FPGAs for data capture and host customer test glue logics programmed. With proper design of the validation board, it can be used for different ASICs with suitable changes in the FPGA program files.

The cards are of very high density designed in 14-20 layers with very high density connectors for plugging the DUT on to the characterization platform.

The data capture units can be plugged to desktop PCs through USB/LAN links and interact with the control and capture programs. Various parameters like number of channels (independent/concurrent), data length, throughput etc. can be programmed through the USB/Serial/LAN onto the FPGA.

There are devices that pump in data at very high speeds like above 100 Mbps per second forming as the input for the data capture system. These include satellite imagery data to be captured and recorded without loss of even a single bit. Dexcel has designed cards that can be plugged on to PCI/PCI-e to be used in standard PCs or complete boxed solution carrying battery and embedded motherboard with SATA HDD interfaces.

Under rugged environments, even flash disks are used for recording the captured data with bootable flash disks. For a complete portable solution, Dexcel provides LCD interfaces, battery management tools etc.

Dexcel also manufactures generic data capture units, custom made for the number, type and protocol of the inputs. The base model gets modified with a piggy back that takes care of the customization part.