NFC is a rapidly growing interface and has tremendous application potential. Dexcel has developed few design based on NFC. One such design for the mobile market.

These flexible and powerful platforms helps mobile operators and enterprises to enable mobile lifestyle experiences effectively and efficiently. The design empowers service providers with ease, flexibility and freedom to implement compelling end-user applications services in a cost-effective manner and to drive adoption.


The design being discussed is  Mobile Add-on Offering. It is a thin wafer based flexible PCB that will be placed between the SIM card and the handset and will host one or more processors for application hosting and execution. This Polyimide PCB uses devices in die format to reduce the overall thickness to suit the application. Secure element device and very low power MCU is used on this board.  The on-board NFC antenna makes the unit capable of communicating to external devices.

The board works in Contact and Contactless mode, so that applets can be programmed using NFC interface or ISO7816 interface.

Application framework is designed using the STK (SIM Toolkit Application) standard which makes this solution compatible with every SIM and handset in the market.

The board supports OTA, communication with the back end servers over BIP and SMS channel.