MiniPCIe FPGA Card

Dexcel HAIO (Hardware Acceleration and IO expansion) series boards are designed to provide hardware acceleration and I/O expansion for general purpose mother board/FPGA based systems. These boards would support the main systems by performing computation intensive and time critical tasks. This mini PCIe form factor board is specifically designed to address small form factor requirements of SBC and mini-ITX based systems.


The multifunction PCI Card is a 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI Card built around Altera’s Cyclone III FPGA. The board has provision for plugging in a daughter board. The daughter board can be customized for various applications. For example, it can have a set of ADCs, DACs and associated circuitries for a mixed signal DAQ application.

The FPGA on-board can have a custom algorithm running on it to control an external system or it can capture data at a regular interval for data logging purpose. The daughter board will be powered (5V/1A) by the PCI board.
We have a daughter board designed with 40 I/Os. The board can support a data transfer up to 400Mbps ( ie 50 Mbytes /sec) and supports two DMA Channels.


Dexcel’s PCIe FPGA card is single line PCIe form factor board based on Altera’s Arria II GX device – EP2AGX65.  It can be used for numerous applications.  It can be used of Proof of concept of any custom design, to reduce time to the market.  It can be also pre-loaded with RTL IPs that fit in the device and can be given as a product too.  This card along with a standard SBC can server lot of application.

This card can be powered from the Mini-PCIe slot or from external source ( 5 V DC), in case of higher current requirements.  It has 48 user I/Os a 25 MHz. on-board oscillator to clock the FPGA.  Altera’s PCIe IP with backend DMA logic is ported for any data transfer to and from the PC.