• High density board with 14-layers
  • Xilinx Vertex-5 devices with 1760 pins
  • Twelve high density (500-pin) BGA connectors for making the board stackable
  • First time OK board without any jumpers
Problem statement/background

Our client, who is an ASIC manufacturer, was well experienced and aware that it is difficult to depend only on software simulations to verify ASIC design. This was because their designs were becoming more and more complex and they were getting limited by simulation speed and modeling accuracy. They required one hardware prototyping platform that allowed them for testing their designs at a speed closer to their expected operating frequency. Also for them, it was necessary to start software and/or firmware development and testing on before the silicon arrives. Their marketing team also required some demo platforms for getting their clients interested in the chip they were building. Especially this new prototype platform had to be scalable and generic in nature so that it can be adapted to many of their future ASIC designs.


A leading multinational ASIC design and manufacturing company
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